Gloverville Elementary Home Page
    114 Gloria Rush Circle   Gloverville, SC 29828    Phone: 803-593-7280 Fax: 803-593-7281   Principal: Dr. Mendi Tucker 
Office Hours: 7:30- 4:00
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Morning drop-off procedures:
The school will be open daily at 7:00 AM for students to be dropped off and / or to eat breakfast.  Please drop all students off at the front of the school (Pine St. entrance).  Students will enter through the school cafeteria.  Students should not enter the lobby area of the school without a parent or teacher escort. School staff are on duty to direct students to the appropriate locations.  This will ensure the safety of your child by ensuring that he/she is supervised by teachers as he/she travels to class or morning duty stations.  The school office opens daily at 7:30 AM.
PLEASE do not park or drop children off on the side of the school (School St.)
Arrival after 7:35
If a student arrives after 7:35 (the first bell rings at this time) but before 7:45 then he/she should report directly to class.  If a student arrives after 7:45 he/she is tardy and should report to the office for a pass to class.  Pre-K-2nd grade students MUST be escorted by a parent to the main office.  Tardiness interferes with instruction for not only the tardy student but also for other  students and the teacher.  Please be sure that your child is on time. 

Parents escorting students to class:
After the first week of school, please do NOT attempt to escort students to class. You are always welcome to visit our school.  However, it is very difficult to ensure the safety of our students with so many different faces throughout the building first thing in the morning without a visitor’s badge.  If you wish to visit a class you must get a visitor’s badge from the office. 
Afternoon pick-up procedures:
Parents should indicate to the classroom teacher the mode of transportation that will be used for their child to go home daily.  If your child is to go home a different way than usual, please send the teacher a written note telling who will pick the child up or how the child is to get home.  Please do not call the office to tell how your child is to go home.  This should only be done in emergency situations, not  regularly. Calling into classrooms interrupts instruction and interferes with end of the day routines.  Dismissal time is a very busy time and we want to ensure every child’s safety.  
Primary Wing—School Street—Pre-K—2nd grade
Students will be escorted by their classroom teacher / aide to the covered sidewalk area.  Teachers will load students into appropriate vehicles or release students to their parent / guardian.  Parents should not park in the traffic circle.  Cars will line up in the center lane of the traffic circle. Do not park along the curb or in the middle of the road and leave your car for any reason. 
If you must park your car please park in the grassy area.  Students will be escorted across the road by an adult escort. Do not attempt to cross traffic while cars are moving.
Front of school—Gloria Rush Circle—3rd—5th grade
Traffic should line up in a single line. Parents should pick students up at the curb where duty teachers will dismiss students to vehicles.  Students should NOT cross in front of  traffic to load a vehicle. Parents who need to get out of their vehicle should park their car in a marked parking space.  Cars parked on the curb after 2:00 PM are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. This interferes with dismissal and poses safety problems because of passing cars.
Bus Riders
Bus riders will be dismissed daily at 2:20.  Students will be escorted by teachers to the appropriate buses on the bus loop in the rear of the school.
Rainy Day Dismissal
On days when there is heavy rain bus riders will be dismissed on the School Street side to prevent students from waiting in line in bad weather.  Cars are asked to make way for buses so that all students can be loaded into vehicles quickly and safely.